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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the shipping lead-time?
    If you are a current customer, ordering a standard in-stock item, and we receive all required information by 1:30 pm EST, we can usually ship the same day. If requested item(s) are not in stock, it usually takes about 4 weeks to ship. For custom orders, it depends on the requirements and when final drawings are approved for the manufacturing process.
  • Can brackets be used with the short side underneath the countertop?
  • How much weight can the brackets support?
    Please refer to the specifications in the Gambas Bracket brochure for the most current information. Typically, a set of our brackets can support at least 1000 lbs. per pair with proper fasteners and mounting.
  • Can you repaint the bracket(s) with your own choice of color?
  • Are samples of stock colors available?
    Yes, upon request!
  • Do we sell brackets unfinished or with other finishes?
    Yes, you can purchase unfinished brackets along with other finishes with a special order. Please note that setup charges may apply.
  • How much does each box of brackets weigh?
    Please note that weights listed below are approximations only: 8"x12" - S 19 lbs. 15"x15" - S 19 lbs. W 17 lbs. C 17 lbs. 18"x24" - S 34 lbs. W 32 lbs. C 32 lbs. 24"x28" - S 44 lbs. W 42 lbs. C 42 lbs.
  • Who do we sell to?
    We can only sell to an entity with a federal tax ID number.
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